Sonuby is a weather app for enthusiasts allowing them to check forecast for their favorite activity.

Today marks a day I have been working towards for almost four years now.

I am happy to announce that on the October 2st, 2023, I will release Sonuby Weather, a mobile application for weather enthusiasts.

Weather Forecasts Tailored to Your Needs

Weather plays an important role in many of our lives.

It determines whether we can ride our bikes to work, whether that long-awaited skydive will happen, or whether the conditions at our favourite surf spot are worth the long drive.

While there are many apps, websites, and other resources that provide reliable forecasts, it can still be a hassle to find the forecast you are looking for. You may have to use multiple apps because one lacks data that the other provides, and vice versa. Or the data you need may only be available through complex charts, unstructured lists and tables, or by visiting old and outdated websites.

The more specific your needs, the harder it is to find reliable and well-curated forecasts.

This is why I created Sonuby.

Sonuby is a weather app that is tailored to your needs and shows you only the forecasts that are relevant to you.


Sonuby offers pre-built weather reports like Skydiving, Surfing and Daily Life.

Forecasts tailored to your passions

At the heart of Sonuby are pre-built weather reports.

They are designed to cater to specific activities and show only the forecasts that are relevant to them.

In it's first version, Sonuby comes with three pre-built weather reports: Skydiving, Surfing and Daily Life.

Skydiving Report

The skydiving report provides altitude cloud, altitude wind and altitude temperature forecasts. This helps you quickly plan your next jump.

Surfing Report

If you are a surfer, the Surfing Report gives you access to important data such as wave height, wave period, wave direction and tides to ensure you have the best conditions for your next surf session.

Daily Life Report

For your everyday weather needs, Sonuby offers the Everyday Life Report, which includes the usual variables such as temperature, wind and sunshine hours, as well as more advanced forecasts such as a precipitation meteogram and an interactive radar map. These are perfect if you don't want to get wet on your way to the restaurant.

More pre-built weather reports will be available in upcoming versions of the app.


Forecasts are available in a variety of different formats. They are designed to be compact while providing maximum information. Modules are available as weather maps, meteograms and more.

Compact And Easy to Understand

Each weather report contains multiple weather modules that display different types of forecasts, from horizontally scrollable hourly forecasts, to daily and weekly meteograms, to interactive weather maps, and more.

Weather modules are designed to be compact while providing the maximum amount of information so you can quickly get an idea of what the weather is going to be like.


Find and save any location on the planet by using text or map search. You can also save locations as favorites or in your own location collection. You are also able to rename location to make them easier to distinguish.

Find And Save Any Location

To help you quickly find the location your are looking for, Sonuby offers both text and map search.

The text search allows you to search for place names, postal codes or coordinates.

If you don't find what you're looking for using text search, you can also use map search. This allows you to pinpoint any point on the globe and select either the specific coordinate or the closest location.

Once you found the right location, you can save it as a favorite or to your own location collection. This way, you can organize your locations thematically so you don't lose track of your frequently visited locations.


Sonuby uses high quality forecasts provided by meteoblue. Most forecasts are available for any point on the globe. They are also stored on your device for offline use.

Worldwide And High Quality Forecasts

The need for reliable and high quality data in a weather app cannot be overstated. It ensures that the forecasts and information provided are accurate, which in turn is crucial for making informed decisions.

To ensure that the forecasts you see are not only accurate, but also reliable, I have partnered with Swiss-based weather data provider meteoblue AG.

Their high resolution weather models, combined with their global coverage, make meteoblue the perfect provider of weather data for Sonuby.

There Is More

Besides these features, Sonuby offers a number of other useful features to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible.

For example, you can set your preferred units, have the possibility to compare individual forecasts for different locations, or view help pages if you don't know exactly what a forecast, a pictogram or something else means.

Learn more about Sonuby's features.

About This Project

Sonuby is a passion project that I have been working on alongside my freelance work for almost four years now.

My fascination with weather started in 2014, when I developed the meteoblue iOS app as part of my dual degree in business informatics at meteoblue AG in Basel.

I was quickly fascinated by how many people are interested in weather forecasts, but also how different the applications and requirements are. It was out of this fascination that the idea for the app was born.

On October 1, 2023, Sonuby will be launched.


Until then, I invite you to follow the Sonuby blog. I have come up with three series of blog posts: "Weather Wednesdays" (interesting weather facts), "Feature Fridays" (introduction of Sonuby features) and "Sunday Fundays" (exciting details about activities supported by Sonuby). Be sure to check them out!

I'm excited to see how you like the idea of Sonuby and the app itself.

If there's a feature you'd like to see, you have suggestions for new weather reports or something else, please shoot me a message.


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